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The Orchid Thief, John Laroche Now

Orchid Thief 1998-2023, From Then Until Now - FAQ Who wrote the Orchid Thief? The Orchid Thief was a book written by Susan Orlean  in 1998, after she published an article on John Laroche in the New Yorker in 1995. The Orchid Thief book inspired movie titled Adaptation, released in 2002, which was about a self loathing screenwriter named Charlie who was hired to write a screenplay of Susan Orlean's Orchid Thief. All of this thrusted the main non-fiction subject of the book, John Laroche, into the public spotlight.  Where is John Laroche now? The last known accounts of John Laroche on the internet were in September 2022. His Facebook page, established as " the orchid thief " with 130 likes / 130 followers, has this headline: "join Mr. John as he talks about The Orchid Thief, Adaptation and relates stories of his larger than". He shared a post (of course it could be some imposter, which could always be the case on the internet) of a post that was made on his busin
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