Chase Horticultural Research was formed in 1994, creating a private research operation dedicated to developing information for the ornamental industry throughout the United States. The main activity of Chase Horticultural Research is product evaluation including biological, chemical and physical aspects of ornamental plant production and utilization.

Chase Horticultural Research also develops educational materials for use by professionals, including books, presentations, articles, charts, and an image library. Our monthly newsletter, Chase News, is a subscription service, containing articles, up-to-date research trials on ornamental diseases, industry news and meeting highlights.
Welcome to Chase Horticultural Research
We offer research, consulting and training to clientele all over the United States and around the world. Our Contract Research is conducted on a year-round basis in the areas of products for control of pathogens and pests, amendments for plant production including fertilizer, media surfactants, and growth regulators and evaluation of cultivars for resistance to plant pathogens. We have also done a large amount of assessment into the various mycorrhizal fungi for sale in Australia and have created some helpful guilds on this. Also another site worth looking at would be xtreme gardening in Australia they also have mycorrhizae for sale ( mykos ) and some really interesting information in general. Consulting is done on location, via email or phone. Training can be customized to your needs in either a seminar format, as field training, or at your location specifically for your staff.
A. R. Chase, Ph.D.
Ann's extensive professional career has made her a highly sought-after plant pathologist for seminars, consulting and research on diseases of ornamental plants throughout the United States. She is a widely published author, teacher and speaker. Seminars on the following subjects are offered: diagnosis, cultural and chemical disease management, abiotic disorders, bacterial, viral and fungal diseases of ornamental plants. Special workshops can be designed appropriate to any audience.
All fees are negotiable.